WeChat Application Crosses One Billion Account:

China‘s ubiquitous WeChat social network app has earned the 1 billion profile mark as its texting, shopping and game services interest more and more people. The typical circuit declares by Pony Ma. Pony Ma is a chief executive of its origin firms Tencent, on the interests of China’s parliamentary division on Monday.

The all-in-one application understood as Weixin in China. It is a regular need for maximum Chinese, bringing simultaneously games, news, mobile payment, messaging, social network and different services.

Half of WeChat people spend more than ninety minutes a day on the application. In its last firm results in September. Tencent had announced that WeChat people had opened 980 million profiles, a 16% improvement from the last year.

Ma is a member of the two-week session of the Communist Party-controlled National People’s Congress. He said WeChat’s global monthly active people have crossed the critical one billion mark. Ma also said in the future they hope to manage tech innovation to push ahead the next developmental step of reformation and opening. He was mention of China’s economic liberalization system that has fuelled 4 decades of risky economic growth.

Although he said the companies monthly active people had crossed the 1 billion thresholds. A WeChat spokesperson told AFP he was referring to its whole number of profiles.
However, the 1 billion identity means the large user base which Tencent has created up both in and out of China for the application.


The prevalence of WeChat and earnings from its addictive games have started Tencent’s profits and share rate clearly upwards. WeChat crossed Facebook in market cost previous year as it became the 1st Asian company to break into the five hundred billion committees, while the forty-seven years old Ma has rocketed to near the top of China’s rich list.

Ma is the richest member of the parliamentary division. Privacy worries different attractive feature of the app is its pay service, which accepts user to pay at anywhere like restaurants, buy goods from shops or even send money to family or friends. This app has an important advantage over WhatsApp. In recent months Beijing powers have clearly smashed the Facebook-owned service in China.