iPhone X is a Failure?

 iPhone X is a Failure!

Apple products spread like fire. proved once again by the response to Kuo’s research.

But it is the case with any and all rumors. including analyst predictions. Anything that’s not fact should best be taken with a grain of salt. Because you may end up wrong at best.


Kuo’s findings highlight that while the first iPhone X might not be part of the company’s current product. the story doesn’t end there. Its design and hardware will carry forward in a total of three new iPhones.

Apple has a habit of cutting production every quarter following the rush of the festive period. ‘so this should not come as a surprise. This cut will have featured in the estimates of all of the suppliers.

The iPhone X was in a weaker than expected position in terms of market share as for Q4.

The year on year sales of the iPhone has been dropping during 2015 and 2016. The lack of a big hitting success at the end of 2017. this will lead to more questions about Tim Cook’s choice of direction for Apple’s smartphone.

The scale in which the success of Apple’s product is measured is different than other companies.  companies which are selling hundreds of thousands smartphone. it might spell good times.  Apple forecasts its product to move in the millions.

What counts as a ‘win’ for a company as big as Apple. that’s important context for consumers to note when reading analysts’ predictions. which informs how many it needs to make in order to meet demand.