Best Websites For Game Cheat Codes

You’re never too old to play video games especially the ones with good graphics.  PC games have been a major force to be reckoned with and are toe-to-toe in popularity as console games. With the cheat codes in computer games, it certainly added a whole new dimension of gaming, making them more fun. If you are on a busy schedule and don’t play games regularly if you find it difficult to cross a level in a game. That’s why the cheat codes were introduced. We are discussing the best websites for cheat codes of games.


Super Cheats


This is the best website for cheat codes of games. It Helps with the question and answers feature to get the cheat codes for the game you need. You can search for the game with latest tags. Super Cheats is well-maintained according to the gaming platforms, which makes it easier to find the games and cheats.




This is a cheat code website that also helps you with patches, mods, emulators, fixes etc. With almost ten thousand games featuring on this website, you can get any cheat code for any. Though Mega Games support almost all the platforms when it comes to games, it emphasizes more on the PC and console games.


Chapter Cheats


This is one of the largest websites for cheat codes of games that hold thousands of cheats and hints for all old and new games. The website has started the game walkthroughs and question & answer feature to extend hands of help.




This website focused on games reviews and cheat codes. It is a part of a large media property that focuses on different gaming platforms in all aspects. This website contains a specific page for every game and it fills with its cheat codes, secrets, unlockables. If you’re seeking cheat code, there are strong chances that you would find the cheats here.


 Cheat Happens


This website needs no introduction as it is a dedicated website for cheats of games. The website is has been serving the gamers since 2002 and possesses a strong goodwill among them. The website features a cheat’s glossary and tutorials for trainers among its resources.